Travel Tips For The Holidays

As the holiday travel week begins, the Houston airports are seeing an increase in travelers. More than 1.5 million passengers are expected to pass through George Bush Intercontinental and Hobby airports over 13 days. To avoid delays and frustrations, travelers should follow some basic tips.

This year should be easier for travelers leaving from Hobby Airport. Construction on the upper level roadway and drop-off ramp has concluded and 400 parking spots have been added.

Even so, travelers should arrive early to make sure they don’t miss their flight. Here’s Perry Miller, general manager of Hobby Airport.

I would say that you probably need to get here two hours in advance, just to anticipate any delays with the checkpoint or parking, but typically the wait period is somewhere around the range of 15 minutes.”

The current wait time at the TSA checkpoints can be tracked online at fly the number 2 Houston dot com. To speed up the screening process, passengers should make sure to bring only TSA approved items in their carry-on luggage.

Susan Clark is the TSA federal security director at Hobby Airport.

“We’ve had a rash this week of people forgetting to have loaded guns in their carry-on luggage – a good reminder that weapons are permitted in checked luggage but not through the checkpoint. And to leave early – people need to give themselves time and ample time. Also a good travel tip is not to clutter your bags, take a good look at what you’re packing, and if you have questions put it in your checked luggage.”

In addition, passengers should remember to check liquids that exceed 3.4 ounces and put all their carry-on liquids in a clear quart-sized zip-top bag.

Miller says there isn’t one particularly busy day this week. Instead, holiday travelers have been coming through on a consistently high level since last Thursday.

“We have a steady flow of passengers for about a 13-day period, starting last Thursday, ending through the holidays, so we have incrementally about 1.5 million passengers that will come through both Intercontinental Airport and Hobby Airport together combined.”

The next period of increased air travel is around the Christmas holidays. By then, passengers leaving from Hobby Airport will be able to enjoy what Bush Intercontinental passengers already have — valet parking and even a car wash service.


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