Centerpoint Crews To Aid Sandy Recovery Efforts

Centerpoint Energy has dispatched repair crews to the East Coast to help restore power in states hit by Superstorm Sandy.

More than 100 Centerpoint linemen, support personnel, and contractors are moving into place in the Mid-Atlantic region. One group will help restore electricity service in New Jersey, which sustained some of the worst damage from the storm. A second is on its way to Maryland.

The crews are helping as part of a mutual assistance network of electric utilities from across the country.

“We had about 11,000 extra resources come to the Houston area after Hurricane Ike to help us restore power, so we want to lend a hand to them.”

Alicia Dixon is a spokesperson for Centerpoint.

“It’s a big logistical undertaking to get this many people with this much equipment, and we’re not the only utility, obviously, that’s heading up there. So, the focus is going to be on working safely, working as effectively as possible to get these people’s lives back to normal as soon as possible.”

Dixon says the crews may not be able to go to work immediately. Floodwaters have yet to recede in some areas, and roads must be cleared of downed trees and other debris.



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