HISD’s Bond Proposal Receives More Endorsement

HISD's 1.9 billion dollar bond proposal got more support from African American elected officials, and alumni and parents of one of the high schools scheduled for replacement.

HISD wants voters to approve the huge bond issue next month, to bankroll a program to replace, renovate, or rebuild 38 schools. Most of the money, about $1.3 billion, would go to high schools, including Jack Yates in the 3rd Ward.

Houston state Senator Rodney Ellis was joined by other black-elected leaders at the campus built in 1958.

“I’m in support of the HISD bond package, because it’s gonna rebuild schools, like the one we’re are at today. I think we owe it to our kids.”

The district would also spend $100 million dollars improving technology at all campuses, plus another $97 million on athletic facilities, remodeling middle-school restrooms, and improving safety and security.

After previous bond issues drew opposition from minorities, district officials made a greater effort to connect with community leaders.

But bond opponent Dave Wilson thinks the measure is just a way to spend money, with no proof it will improve education.

“In the last ten years, there’s been over 2.3 billion dollars of bonds issued to repair and rebuild schools. And there has been no accountability, and there’s been nothing but a large increase in the debt for our students in the future.”

HISD Superintendent Dr. Terry Grier says it’s all about equality in education.

“Our kids here deserve the same quality facilities. They deserve the same quality equipment that children do all over HISD and quite frankly, all over Harris County. This bond gives our children a great chance at a great future.”

He says the average age of a high school building in HISD is over 50 years, way over the national average.