Houston Arts Groups Turn To Crowd Sourcing For Money

Houston arts organizations are tapping into a new form of fundraising — crowdsourcing. The new website "" allows arts groups to post projects online and ask for contributions. operates a lot like Kickstarter, where people can scroll through various projects and donate money to help those projects become reality.

The Houston Arts Alliance launched power2give to help smaller arts organizations find new donors and broaden their fundraising base.

Jonathon Glus is HAA’s CEO and says the crowd funding website helps fill in the gaps for non-profit arts groups.

“There’s been a real interest in investing in start-up ideas or young arts organizations or even individual artists through online giving.”

Right now, there are 41 Houston area projects on the site.

One of them is a public television documentary called Movie Palace. Jeffrey Mills is executive director of Documentary Alliance, a film company based in Houston.

He says they’ve already secured about two-thirds of the $360,000 they need to produce their new film. But he hopes power2give will expose his company to new donors.

“I can’t tell you how many times people have told me that they’re surprised that there’s a film industry in Houston, much less documentaries being made here. But there really is quite a bit of work going on and I think donors who have the wherewithal to help tend to look to the big organizations that are well known.”

Power2give just launched in Houston about a month ago. The Houston Arts Alliance hopes it will become a site that people check regularly to find new arts projects and maybe donate a few bucks along the way.


Laurie Johnson

Laurie Johnson


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