Local Musicians Perform At Houston Public Library Concerts

The Houston Public Library is hosting noontime concerts in downtown. The performances aim to highlight musicians in Houston's music scene.

The audience is small. There are about a dozen people inside the Tudor Gallery. It’s in a building across from the Central Library. This week’s performance is Cassandra Tyson, singing jazz standards.

“Whatever Lola wants, lola gets”

Tyson is from Houston and likes the small feel of these concerts.

“It’s very intimate and that makes it a lot of fun.”

Allen Westrick organizes the performances for the library. It’s a chance, Westrick says, to highlight Houston musicians, be it Texas folk or some rock. Westrick hopes the audience will grow when they start hosting them outside next week.

“I think once we move to the plaza, and tie in we have the farmer’s market right next door. You can pick up something to eat.  Come on over and listen to some music, and what a great lunch that would be.”

At least a couple of people in the audience just chanced on the concert themselves. Edilson Ramos is visiting Houston from Brazil.

“Yes, I was just walking around the city. [I] Saw the beautiful building, try to visit it, and suddenly we are surprised by the singer, wonderful singer.”

The concerts typically happen once a week at noon. Next Wednesday the Free Rads Jazz trio will play on the plaza, just outside of the downtown library.