Labor Day Patrols Stepped Up To Combat DUI

Once again, law enforcement agencies are warning Texans about stepped-up enforcement on the roads during the holiday weekend.


Despite higher gas prices more Texans will hit the roads this Labor Day weekend compared to last year, according to AAA Texas. Travel is expected to increase by more than 4 percent, and law enforcement is responding.

Once again, traffic officers will be collaborating with local prosecutors to test the blood of impaired drivers who refuse a breathalyzer.

Captain Darryl Coleman is head of traffic enforcement for the Harris County Sheriff’s Office:

“It’s a no refusal weekend. You can refuse. You have a right to refuse. But at that point in time, the deputy along with the District Attorney’s office and a judge will go through the procedures of proving probably cause and then having a search warrant signed to take the blood from the violator.”

Last year, over 1,000 Texans died in alcohol-related crashes. In Harris County, there have been 25 DUI deaths so far this year.

The Texas Department of Transportation is trying a variety of public messages to cut down on impaired driving. It’s posting road fatality statistics on electronic message boards along Texas highways.

And for the first time, TxDOT is also trying a motivational approach. The agency is asking drivers to make a pledge to drive safely by texting the word “choose” to 67664.

Everyone who texts will be entered to win a free Honda scooter and helmet.