Psssst! Did You Hear About The New Office Politics Survey?

The Republican National Convention is about to get underway. But while the presidential campaign is heating up, a survey from staffing firm Robert Half finds office politics are considerably cooler.

Forty percent of office workers surveyed by Robert Half described themselves as “occasional voters” in office politics, only involving themselves on issues important to them personally.

Karen Amoroso is a recruiting manager with Robert Half. She says that while it may not be possible to avoid office politics completely, being diplomatic can help.

“You know, one way to avoid the conflicts is to understand your coworkers and their challenges on the job.  I think that when you understand them better, you’re less likely to inadvertently step on people’s toes.”

More than half of those workers who have observed office politics on the job said the most common maneuver was gossiping or spreading rumors. Flattering the boss came in a distant second, with taking credit for others’ work third.



Andrew Schneider

Andrew Schneider

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