Summer NAPE Expo Draws 6,000-Plus To GRB

The Summer North American Prospect Expo, or Summer NAPE, continues today at the George R. Brown Convention Center.

Oil and gas companies from Alaska to Bolivia were on hand — most looking to buy, sell, or trade prospects or producing properties.

New Hampshire-based O’Brien Energy Resources has operations in five states across the central and western U.S. When company president John Forma attended last year’s Winter NAPE expo, the company sold its Colorado rights in the Niobrara Shale.

“We’re coming back now to sell an oil field that we’ve developed in Wyoming.”

Schneider: “Any prospective buyers that you’ve met here so far?”

“Actually, yes. We’ve showed our deal to about forty-nine different companies, and it looks to me like there’s four or five that are ready to make a proposal.”

Summer NAPE has attracted a record 6,000-plus attendees and more than 600 exhibitors. The expo wraps up early this afternoon.


Andrew Schneider

Andrew Schneider

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