Texas To Investigate Health Risk Of Living Near Drilling Sites

Dramatic increases in the amount of oil and gas being produced in Texas has brought with it an increase in air pollution. That could be a threat to people living near well sites. But there's conflicting information about the threat — and whether it's already meant higher cancer rates in some places. StateImpact reporter Dave Fehling begins our story in North Texas.

The five counties where there was the most drilling saw a rise in breast cancer.”

—Josh Fox narrates “The Sky is Pink”

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Dave Fehling

Dave Fehling

Director of News and Public Affairs

As Director of News and Public Affairs, Dave Fehling manages the radio news operation at Houston's NPR station. Previously, he was a reporter at the station, covering the oil & gas industry and its impact on the environment. He won top state honors for in-depth and investigative reporting as well...

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