Hobby Airport Ramp Repaired Early And Under Budget

Renovations to the departures-entrance ramp at Hobby Airport are completed. They were finished under budget and in less time than anticipated. The renovations are a small part of a multi-million dollar modernization of Hobby.

The new and improved Hobby entrance to the terminal was completed three months ahead of schedule and under the $5 million cost to repair.

Ross Underhill is the interim GM at Hobby. He says travelers will find things much more accessible.

interim GM Ross Underhill
Hobby Airport interim GM Ross Underhill

“Two of the things that really got done in the last nine months on this construction project that are good for our passengers, is we removed our curbs and they can wheel right up without having to lift their bags off the curbs, and also we provided a protected walkway for them with the inclusion of the ballers, which definitely will enhance the appearance up here from our orange barricades prior to construction.”

It began as an emergency repair in October, because the ramp, located near the roof of the baggage claim area, was leaking badly. Underhill says traffic was rerouted through the parking garage after the ramp was closed.

“Because we finished this phase early, it allows us to finish this separate project in the garage also early, which was scheduled to be completed in the January-February time next year, we’ll actually finish it now before the holidays in November.”

Robert Vinson with the Houston Airport System says this is just a small part of a major renovation that’s underway at Hobby.

“The U-ramp work itself for the past nine months was only like maybe, two percent of the $350 million dollar project. We expanded the central concourse and renovated the interior of the ticketing building, including the baggage claim that we’re talking about. So it’s very much an improvement to the facility.”

Hobby’s new look also comes after city council approved Southwest Airline’s plan to build additional gates for international destinations. Nearly 50 million passengers used the city’s three airports last year. They contribute over $27 billion to the regional economy.

Hobby Airport ramp
Hobby Airport ramp now open