Baby Male Giraffe Joins Seven Others At Houston Zoo

Visitors to the Houston Zoo can now see eight giraffes, with the birth of a new male Masai Giraffe over the weekend. Hoofed stock supervisor John Register says he was on his feet within 45 minutes of birth.

“Their first thing, especially when they come on to exhibit, they’re just kind of testing out their surroundings. We held him off exhibit just to stay along with its mom for a few days, and he’s getting along with the entire herd. So this was his first time on exhibit, so he’s checking everything out, smelling everything, getting to see everybody. And then he definitely kept an eye on all the people watching him today.” 

There are now 92 Masai Giraffes living in 24 North American zoos.  The zoo’s giraffe keepers have come up with a list of possible names for the new giraffe, and they’re asking the public to help choose one online.



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