IHS Opens New Data Center In Northwest Houston

Business analytics firm IHS today announced the opening of a new electronic data center in Northwest Houston to serve clients in the oil and gas sector.


The IHS Data Transformation Center will convert hard copies of sensitive records into digital files for storage. The system can archive everything from legal documents to maps and seismic data. Clients can then call up electronic copies of the documents via their network devices from anywhere in the world.

The center also provides a hedge against hurricanes and other natural disasters, according to IHS vice president Jim Wortham.

“By getting their data into a electronic or digital format, they don’t have to be as concerned about the possible damage from water or wind. We’ve had several examples in the past of companies that had file rooms flooded or actually had leaks where they actually damaged the information. In some of cases, this is one of a kind information that they don’t have other copies of.”

The center is currently capable of turning 25,000 hard copy documents a month into digital files. IHS plans to expand the facility to handle 100,000 documents a month by the end of next year.


Andrew Schneider

Andrew Schneider

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