Primary Night At The Cruz Campaign Headquarters In Houston

Houston attorney and former Texas Solicitor General Ted Cruz will face Texas Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst in a runoff for the Republican race to replace retiring U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison.

The first word out of Ted Cruz’s mouth after it was determined that he’ll be in a runoff with David Dewhurst:


He told supporters at the JW Marriott last night that it was a testament to them that nobody in the state thought they could do it and they did, despite being outspent 5 to 1:

“In 2010 a tidal wave swept the country. All over the country, people said they were fed up with the same tired establishment incumbents, and from Florida with Marco Rubio, To Mike Lee to Rand Paul to Pat Toomey to Ron Johnson, the American people said We want new leaders!”

He said during the first round, Dewhurst skipped 35-debates with him:

“So I’m going to invite my opponent, between now and July 31st, to a series of five debates (applause), where each of us can stand in front of the people, we can answer your questions and we can defend our own records.”

Cruz issued a warning that the attack ads will get more intense and more money will be spent by what he called the establishment, to stay in power. The runoff is set for July 31st.

Cruz's camp