Businesses Helping Texas Parks Close Budget Gap

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department has an extra reason to celebrate this Memorial Day. Its efforts to close a $4.6 million budget gap with help from the private sector are paying off.

The latest gift to Texas Parks and Wildlife came in the form of a $30,000 check from Austin-based Whole Earth Provision Company. The company held an in-store donation effort throughout April at its eight stores across Texas.  It also contributed proceeds from its annual Banff Mountain Film Festival.  Joe Jones is vice president of Whole Earth.

“Both of them turned out to be our biggest fundraiser efforts and end results in our history. So, we were real pleased with that.”

Park funding depends largely on revenue from attendance, which dropped off in the wake of last year’s drought and wildfires. Lydia Saldaña is a spokesperson for Texas Parks and Wildlife.

“The most important message that we’re delivering right now is that if you love your state parks, go visit them. And there are quite a few state parks in and around Houston, and we hope to see folks in our parks.”

Parks and Wildlife has raised close to $1.7 million from businesses and private donors since it kicked off its fundraising drive in December.


Andrew Schneider

Andrew Schneider

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