Yahoo CEO’s Ouster Highlights Problem of Résumé Fraud

Scott Thompson's resignation as CEO of Yahoo is throwing a spotlight on the problem of potential employees lying on their résumés.

Thompson resigned following charges by top Yahoo shareholder Daniel Loeb that the CEO had padded his résumé with a computer science degree he’d never earned.

John Challenger is CEO of global outplacement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas. He says greater transparency is making it easier for companies to catch job candidates that lie about their credentials. But the hiring process is still far from foolproof.

“When résumé fraud is found out, it reflects on the integrity of the institution, and it, in terms of just pure fairness, it leads to an issue of, if people are going to be let go for not putting the entire truth down on their applications throughout the organization, which is the normal policy at most companies, it has to hold all the way up to the top.”

Thompson has reportedly been diagnosed with thyroid cancer, which may have contributed to his decision to leave. He was Yahoo’s fourth CEO in five years. The company has named Ross Levinsohn as interim CEO.


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Andrew Schneider

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