OTC Spotlights Latest Advancements In Offshore Oil E&P

The Offshore Technology Conference is showcasing the latest equipment and practices in the offshore oil and gas industry at Reliant Park this week. 

Over 70,000 industry professionals are networking and looking at state-of-the-art technology for offshore drilling, exploration and production this week at OTC. Steve Balint is OTC chairman.

“And we’ve had an awful lot of conversation in the sessions, in our panels, in our lunches and breakfasts. We’ve added some networking opportunities where we made a concerted effort to link up professionals from across the industry. And another session where we’ve tried to link up women in our industry.”

Balint says OTC is all about new ideas.

“Each year we identify technologies that are new, that have broad impact and will really help solve a technical challenge that we have in the industry, and so we had 13 winners of that, that we recognized on Monday afternoon.”

The Offshore Technology Conference is partnering with a similar nonprofit group in Brazil for OTC Brasil this October in Rio de Janeiro.


Ed Mayberry

Ed Mayberry

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