Offshore Technology Conference Kicks Off At Reliant Center

Some 78,000 attendees from more than 110 countries are attending the offshore technology conference, underway this week at Reliant Park.

Exhibits, technical sessions and seminars — more than 2,500 companies from 41 countries exhibiting.  One of those companies is Kelvin Top-Set from Scotland, which with incident investigation, as founder David Ramsay explains.

“We teach investigation systems to major companies. We also facilitate investigations — in fact, I worked part in Deepwater Horizon. And also we produce and sell software.”

But the Deepwater Horizon investigation is ongoing.

“Well, obviously I can’t talk about a lot of the detail because there’s still a lot of the processes going on there. I think there’s going to be a significant change in how things operate in the Gulf of Mexico from now on.”

Ramsay says OTC is an important event to attend.

“A number of reasons why we’re here — the first one is very many of our clients are here. I look around, a lot of the majors around here, and they’re our clients, so it’s important for us to be here. And also letting the people know that we’re represented in Houston.”

OTC continues through Thursday at Reliant Park.


Ed Mayberry

Ed Mayberry

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