A Belt-and-Suspenders Approach to Disaster Recovery

Hurricane season is right around the corner. Houston businesses have just a few weeks left to fine tune their disaster recovery plans.

StratITsphere operates a data center in Katy. One of the main services it offers clients is to provide a secure backup for critical records. If a storm surge floods their headquarters and destroys their computers, they’re covered.

But what happens if the data center itself is hit? StratITsphere is now prepared for that as well. The company has established a partnership with ScaleMatrix, a counterpart in San Diego. Stephen Webster is StratITsphere’s president and CEO.

“If something were to happen on the West Coast, an earthquake in the San Diego area, ScaleMatrix customers could sail over seamlessly to our data center here in Texas. Whereas if we were hit by, heaven forbid, the mother of all hurricanes, we could make sure that all of our customers’ mission critical systems and data had another place on the West Coast to go to and run from.”

StratITsphere will host a pre-hurricane season business conference on Thursday, May 3.


Andrew Schneider

Andrew Schneider

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