HISD To Make More Cuts

HISD has a new budget proposal on the table and it doesn't include changing school hours as had been previously discussed.

How does HISD do everything it’s used to doing, but with $43 million less than its used to getting — oh and do it without raising property taxes?

One idea was to require schools to release students at the same time each day, something that would’ve save over a million dollars by making better use of school buses.

Superintendent Terry Grier says that idea was put off when some school principals had this complaint:

“While that may save the school district money, but we fear it’s going to cost us money because we would have to hire people to supervise students in the morning and supervise students in the afternoon.”

So Grier nixed the idea and put forth a budget proposal he says balances the budget without raising taxes. It includes more than $3 million in cuts to employee health benefits, close to $2 million in cuts to magnate schools that were receiving extra funding and $1.6 million in non-campus departmental cuts.

Grier says the district can make the adjustments, but it’s the kids who lose in the end.

“It’s really having a really hard impact on our school system our children are going on fewer field trips. We have larger class sizes. Many of our schools no longer have counselors, some of our schools no longer have media specialists. It’s not good and the Texas Legislature has got to step up and does its job fund our schools.”

The school board will study the proposal and will adopt next school year’s budget in June.