Private Donations To Fund Reforesting Of Memorial Park

Mayor Annise Parker joined the Houston Parks director and numerous park boards to announce a plan to rebuild memorial park, after the drought killed thousands of trees and altered the canopy.

Re-Plant Memorial Park is a multi-year, multi-part campaign that targets the reforestation of the 1500 acre park.

Houston Parks Director Joe Turner says the plan was developed before the devastating drought killed an estimated 11,000 trees.

“We knew we couldn’t take all of them out of here, and we also knew we had a  forestry plan through Advanced Ecology that we’d been working with. That’s why we stayed away from the heavy forested areas of our tree removals.”

He says the removal and mulching of the understory continues, to prepare the sight for planting seedlings in the winter.

Nancy Sullivan is executive director of the Memorial Park Conservancy.

“We are planting this park to live through hurricanes and droughts, and we’ve hired a conservation director in the Conservancy who is a forester, and we will pro-actively manage the forest in a staged and aged way, so that we have a healthy regenerating forest.”

Tree planting, vegetation restoration and adding irrigation systems will be done at all high visual areas of the park, bounded by railroad tracks to the west, Memorial Drive to the south, I-10 to the north and Crestwood Drive to the east.

Pat Hernandez and Joe Turner

Mayor Annise Parker says:

“People are gonna have to get used to the idea that they’re gonna see a lot of dead trees coming out still, and the park will look different 20 years from now, 40 years from now, 60, 80, 100 years from now. It’s still gonna be a great healthy park, when we get done.”

If you’d like to help with the $7.6 million cost of the project, visit,, and