City Workers Knock On Doors, Promote Services

Some residents of Houston's Southpark neighborhood will get a visit from Mayor Parker this evening. Parker will join teams of city workers who are going door to door informing residents about helpful services available to them.

Mildred Cooper is recently retired and has lived in her Southpark home for 43 years. She got a knock on her door from one of several workers wearing white t-shirts. They’re going door to door listening to residents’ concerns and needs.

“There’s just a lot of things we’d like to get done in the area.”

“Well that’s what we’re here for to listen to you guys and to address them as soon as we can.”

Cooper didn’t really need much help, but she had plenty to say about the state of the neighborhood.

“We have a lot of problems with not having curbs on the side of our streets, where as our dirt is just drifting away every time it rains, we lose dirt.”

Spokesman Porfirio Villarreal  says the plan is to visit more than 7,000 homes in 4 days.

Mayor Parker is going to join in make a few stops  in the evening. Villarreal talked about what his crews have been hearing so far.

“People were needing food; people were needing home repairs. They needed some kind of help from an agency that could help them cause they may be in disrepair.”

This is the 8th year Health and Human Services workers have been going door to door. Villareal says you never know what kinds of help people might need.

“There was a gentleman who was in need of a wheel chair and that was an immediate need, and so we linked him with some organization and he was able to get a wheelchair.”

Of course they can’t help everyone. This is just one neighborhood and many people aren’t home when they knock on the door. But when there’s a lot of people in need, Villarreal says you have to start somewhere.