Local Law Uses Digital Collaboration To Fight Gangs

Local law enforcement agencies are collaborating specifically to help fight gangs. Houston area residents, who have information about a gang, or have questions about possible gang activity, can visit a website specifically designed to help fight gangs.


The web address is Stop Houston

Soon you’ll be seeing billboards throughout the city and county promoting the sight and the anti-gang initiative.

Houston Police Chief Charles McClelland is hoping to get tips from the public, like the information one person provided to police last year about what was going on in their apartment complex:

“Selling drugs, having shootouts at the apartment complex in front of the children, all types of violent criminal behavior. That one single tip lead to over 140 individuals being arrested, and many weapons and drugs being taken off the street.”

District Attorney Pat Lykos and Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia believe the website is another tool in their ongoing effort to rid the streets of gang members.

“You know the gangs brag that they own the nights. I want you to look at that splendid website, because they’re shining the light of day on these poisonous cockroaches.”

“Thugs and gangsters in our community need to run from Harris County and find themselves a new home. But with the power of the FBI behind us all and the U.S Marshall’s Service, there will be very little place on this planet that they can possibly hide.”

Officers believe there are more than 12,000 gang members in the Houston area. But they say just being a gang member is not a crime.

However, if you’ve got information about one of them being involved in criminal activity, authorities are asking you to go to the new website Stop Houston