Waste Management Turns To Reality TV As Marketing Tool

Houston-based Waste Management will be one of a handful of companies featured in a new reality TV series on AMC.

In AMC’s new unscripted series, The Pitch, two advertising agencies are given seven days to develop an ad campaign for a potential client. Waste Management will be featured in the series’ two-hour premiere on Monday, April 30.

Dave Aardsma is Waste Management’s chief marketing officer. He also appears in the episode.

“We’re in the middle of a major transformation as a company. We’re becoming an environmental solutions company that is creating a new marketplace for the material that people traditionally throw out. During the work on this show, we’re able to help tell that story and let people understand how we’re changing.”

The Pitch isn’t Waste Management’s first reality TV outing. The company has also appeared in episodes of Undercover Boss and Project Runway. Aardsma says job applications spiked after the company appeared on Undercover Boss. That episode ran just after the Super Bowl and reached about 50 million viewers.



Andrew Schneider

Andrew Schneider

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