New Film Sheds Light On Worsening Situation In Mexico

The fighting between drug cartels in Mexico continues to take a deadly toll. A new documentary set to open today, sheds even more light on the violence by focusing on Mexico's most dangerous city — Juarez.

The film is called Murder Capital of the World. Directory Charlie Minn shot the documentary in the streets of Juarez, right across the border. He says Americans need to be made aware of what’s going on there and just how bad the situation really is.  

“We have a human rights catastrophe where we’ve had so many murders in that one city. Juarez in 2010 had more murders than the 911 attacks in that year of 2010. Since 2008, there’s been over 10,000 murders in Juarez, which is 40 percent more than both of our Middle East wars put together. Over 95 percent of these murders are not even investigated. So we have quite a human rights disaster, not just the body county, but the injustice that’s tacked to it.”

The film is a documentary. It opens Friday at the Premiere Cinemas at the Greenspoint Mall. Minn says it’s not flashy, but gets right to the point.

“This is real and raw this is reality this is the truth. This is interviewing victims, interviewing journalists, authors, scholars. We had a lot of those people in the movie.”

A number of journalists have been killed trying to report on the corruption and violence in Mexico. I asked Minn if he was concerned for his own safety as he traveled about the city filming a documentary.

“Only when I was stopped at a traffic light. Cartels like to ambush cars, sneak attack, shoot up a car 40 or 50 rounds, and you can’t burn a light, because if you get caught by a corrupt policeman, then you’re probably going to an ATM. I kept it pretty low. I mean it wasn’t like I really was announcing it. I mean you kind of get in and get out. There are a lot of journalists in Juarez who cover the news, so you just have to be smart about it.”

Aside from violence, Minn says the film also delves into the upcoming presidential election in Mexico. The result of that election could impact the future direction of the drug war. As for what Minn hopes viewers will take away from his film, he says

“Hopefully they’ll empathize with these people. They’re no different than you or me. They’re just south of the border.”