Jury Divided As Stanford Trial Enters Week 7

Jurors in the R. Allen Stanford trial are having a hard time deciding the fate of the former Houston financier. They issued note late yesterday saying they were unable to reach a unanimous verdict on all fourteen counts.

At the request of Stanford’s attorneys, Judge David Hittner called in jurors to issue an Allen Charge — a direction to continue deliberating, in the hope of avoiding a deadlock or mistrial.

Judge Hittner stressed to jurors the time, effort and expense of the trial. He said all this would need to be repeated if the jurors were unable to reach a verdict. He told them there was no reason to believe the case could be tried in a better or more effective manner by another jury. 

The judge then urged the jurors to examine the reasons for the positions they’d reached on whether they believed the government had met its burden of proof. He told them that if they felt the government had failed to meet that burden, the accused deserved a verdict of not guilty.

The jury returns this morning for its fourth full day of deliberations. The trial is now in its seventh week.


Andrew Schneider

Andrew Schneider

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