HISD Dedicates New Frost Elementary

HISD dedicates the new Frost Elementary campus a magnet school with the theme of space and science.

School principal Dave Terrell and other district officials cut a ribbon that formally dedicated the new Frost Elementary, although the school actually opened in September. And even though it won’t be an official magnet school, Terrell says wants students to get a heavy dose of science and space technology.

“You know science and math is important to HISD and we want to make sure we get all the tools necessary to make an impact on our kids.”

ribbon cuttingHISD Trustee Paula Harris was one of those who worked to get the new school built. She says it’ll take time for faculty to implement the science and space curriculum.

“It’s a new space center program and I think, as they are developing, you know HISD has talked about what’s magnet and what’s not. And what we’ve asked our principals to do is to find your theme and run with it.”

Mark Falls is an NASA engineer who helps helps write maintenance procedures for the space station. He also pastors a church across the street from the Frost campus. He and Principal Terrell are trying to develop the science and space lab for the school.

“Right now the big emphasis is on stem, science, technology, engineering and math and I’m trying to bring that to this school.”

With the recent cutbacks at NASA some might question if a space themed school is the way to go. This is Falls’ response:

“The shuttle program has retired and we were planning for that.  The shuttle program has been around for 35 years, so we were planning for that.  Constellation program really is put on hold. It’s cancelled, so we’re going back to the drawing board to design better launch vehicles to get us to the space station, back to the moon and then to Mars. So there’s still competition among the other countries to see who is going to be the first to Mars.”

For now students and faculty don’t appear to be dwelling on the space aspect of the campus. They’re just happy to be going to a nice clean completely new school. New desks, new paint and bright colored hallways. Principal Terrell believes that alone will help students show improvement.