Workers Put Seats In New Soccer Stadium

The Houston Dynamo is coming off a spectacular season that saw the team play in the MLS Cup — the league's equivalent of the Super Bowl. This year there's even more excitement as the team will be playing in a new $95 million stadium.

painting orange wallEverywhere you walk, everywhere you look on the construction site of the Dynamo soccer stadium there is nothing but orange. Workers painting orange walls and what seems like hundreds of other workers wearing orange construction vests. They’re putting in doors, laying carpet, installing phone and fiber optic cable wires.

“We have the video replay room which we’re about to go into right now. We also have our broadcast area for radio, which is in one area.”

Technology director Brock Jessel says the stadium will feature state of the art equipment that will have the stadium rockin’. This is what a goal sounded like last year at Robertson Stadium.

” … the beauty of the Dynamo … “

Jessel says goals at the new stadium will really be a blast.

“When a goal happens , we’re going to have the ability to press one button and make this place explode … “

“Where all the LED’s, all the video boards are all in sync and going off at once. We’re going to have a celebration, a theme song going and everybody’s going to know that a goal happened. And what’s unique with the technology here is, we’ll be able to create a lot of the magic moments that we haven’t been able to capture before.”

Workers are in the process of installing the stadium’s 22,000 seats. Since it has a smaller seating capacity than your average football or baseball stadium, you have a pretty good view even from the upper deck which isn’t that high.

orange seatsJessel knows all about stadiums, having worked with the video and sound production department at Minute Maid Park. But he says this opportunity was just too good to turn down.

“There are more soccer specific stadiums being built right now than a lot of the other sports in general. So to be a part of something that’s growing so fast and being able to have the opportunity to open up a brand to stadium, is something that really appealed to me to come over to the new stadium here.”

The time line for the entire construction project is less than a year and a half.  And while there’s still a lot of work to be done, stadium officials tell me they plan on having everything ready for the Dynamo’s opening game in May.