Volunteers to Re-Forest Houston Parks Devastated by Drought

Thousands of new trees are being planted on Saturday in Houston's Memorial Park, as the city tries to recover from the devastating drought.  Employees of ExxonMobil are lending a hand for the re-forestation, including Anita Taylor.

“We’re working in Memorial Park, in particular, because that’s a park that was especially hurt during the drought. But other trees are also going to be planted at Hermann Park, MacGregor and Mason Park. The trees are being provided by Trees for Houston and there are some other supporters that are providing the trees. But this particular effort is being led by the city’s Houston Parks and Recreation Department.”

One in ten trees in the Greater Houston area will die within two years as a result of the recent drought, according to the Parks Department.

“There’s nothing we can do to reverse the drought itself, but we can go out to help to reforest the areas that have lost so many trees. We don’t know precisely how many have been removed, but anyone who drives through the city has seen those very sad orange marks on trees.”

Some 25,000 trees of different varieties are to be planted this weekend.


Ed Mayberry

Ed Mayberry

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