Technical Job Openings On The Rise

Representatives from more than thirty employers will interview students today at the Universal Technical Institute's Houston campus in the Greenspoint District. UTI Houston officials say it's the largest business turnout for a job interview event in at least a decade.

Edward Fletcher is director of employment services at UTI Houston. Fletcher says the job outlook for trained technicians is improving, particularly in the energy and transportation sectors.

“It’s our feeling that the technical services careers are really on the upswing. From what we’re seeing, there are a lot more entry-level opportunities than there have ever been, and the indication is that the companies are either more willing or more needing to look for entry-level people than grow their own technicians from the ground up.”

Roughly a thousand students are expected to interview at today’s event. Houston employers participating include Schlumberger, Stewart & Stevenson, Weatherford and the Harris County Metropolitan Transit Authority.


Andrew Schneider

Andrew Schneider

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