Book Chronicles NFL’s Greatest Moments

As the Houston Texans end a winning season, the National Football League has provided fans with unforgettable moments on the gridiron. A new book testifies to this incredible era, and reminds readers the role the sport continues to play in American culture.

Veteran multi-media author Joe Garner is best known for combining audio clips with memorable moments in sports: And the crowd goes wild and the fans roared; the sports broadcasts that kept us on the edge of our seats — just to name two.

I asked Garner if his book, 100 Yards of Glory: The Greatest Moments in NFL History, opens to door to books about Major League Baseball or the NBA?

“Well, perhaps. It’s interesting, when you look just at pop culture, forget sports. It’s irrefutable that the NLF has carved out a wide swath, in our pop culture in entertainment. You look at the ratings of the World Series, in an exciting World Series just a month or two ago, and the average nightly audience was 16 million. Go back to the last Super Bowl, the audience was 111 million. So even by that barometer, the NFL has really captured the imagination of the American people, and that’s why I decided to start with the NFL.”

Garner says from Roger Staubach’s Hail Mary Pass, Johnny Unitas’ NFL Championship in 1958, and Coach Vince Lombardi’s first and last playoff loss —  it wasn’t easy to pick 10 entries in each category in the book.

“I didn’t get criticized for what was included in the book, I received a lot of feedback for what did get excluded, and that spawned a sequel. So with ‘100 Yards of Glory,’ I fully expect football fans to hopefully appreciate the selection, but at the same time, I’m sure they will not be hesitant to remind me of what might be a glaring omission in their opinion.”

Garner says his book is thoroughly researched, going back into the league’s 90 year history, beginning with the 20s and the Canton Bulldogs, then the 30s with the Giants, the Monsters of the Midway and the Bears in the 40s, the Browns in the 50s, the Packers in the 60s, the Steelers in the 70s, the Niners in the 80s, the Cowboys in the 90s, and New England in 2000s. He then took each era and found certain moments and games that stand out, moments he said that stood the test of time.

Garner says its the fourth book that features sportscaster Bob Costas doing narration, which he says raises the bar. He says his next project  might involve the crack of the bat.

“There’s undoubtedly great drama and great stories to uncover, and great personalities. And I think that with the long history of Major League Baseball, I think it would be a fun subject to delve into. So I’m actually talking with Major League Baseball now and hopefully that’ll be the next one.”

The name of this book: 100 Yards of Glory: The Greatest Moments in NFL History.