Shopping Countdown Begins!

After today, just one more shopping day until Christmas. As you can imagine, retail stores and malls were full today with people getting last minute gifts.

Houston’s James Watts walked out of a clothing store empty-handed, but he wasn’t there to do any Christmas shopping.

“No I’m done with everybody — last minute for myself.”

With just one day left until Christmas there are so many shoppers Watts says  it’s hard to be patient.

“Once you get something, the line is so long in there man, I just put it back. It ain’t worth it man.”

“What are you trying to get yourself?”

“You know, like warm-ups, sports stuff, stuff like that, jackets, hats. You’ll find some good deals, but once you do it’s a sacrifice to stand in that line.”

“It’s that long?”

” It’s that long.”

Robert Rodriquez was inside looking for a gift for his neighbor. He too had finished most of his shopping.

“Really, I gave everybody in my family money. A lot of money, cause I hate shopping. But it’s my neighbors, they invited me to a Christmas party tonight, so I was going to bring a little something for everybody.”

“So you’re not just giving them money, then?”

” No I give my kids a lot of money. Too much money.”

” So you’re pretty much done?”

” Yeah I’m done. I’m just shopping for the party tonight.”

Waiting in line isn’t the only problem on busy days like this. Finding a place to park can also be a nightmare. Here are shoppers Allison Andaverde and Sue Nguyen.

“I mean,I kind’ve been getting lucky. I found a parking spot really close and the line wasn’t really that long to me, so it just depends. But yeah, they really are long though.” 

“I expect crowds and it’s the holiday season, right?”

“Any problems parking?”

” No, not really. I’m an active person, so I walked from way down there.

Veronica Mora and her friend got most of their shopping done  in one stop.

“This is the first store we came to. No, this is the fifth store we came to. We went to Academy, Wal-mart, Marshalls, Old Navy. Oh Specs, can’t forget Specs.”

Some stores may have brought in extra cashiers to help for the holiday rush, but one thing they can’t bring in is extra parking. We can only hope holiday shoppers can stay in a cheerful mood, even as they get frustrated trying to find a place to park.