Houston’s Airports Have Holiday Reminders For Travelers

Holiday travelers will have lots of company this year at Houston's airports, and if you haven't flown in a while, there are a few things you need to remember to help you get through security quicker.

The Houston Airport System is expecting over two million travelers this holiday season and that means long lines at security at both Bush Intercontinental and Hobby Airports.  Spokeswoman Roxanne Butler says there are things you can do to help those lines move faster.  Pack light and keep it simple.

“Don’t wear all the jewelry, and if you have a belt, make sure it’s easy to get on and off, shoes, easy to slip on and off.”

But the rules have been eased somewhat to make things easier for parents traveling with kids.

“They are allowing kids 12 and under to keep the shoes on while they’re going through the checkpoints, which will speed it up because we see a lot of large families.”

As for liquids that are transported in carry-on luggage, the three-ounce rule remains in effect, but there are exceptions for medications and baby formula.  Butler says aside from liquids in bottles, it’s important to consider other items that contain liquids, like a snow globe you may be giving as a gift.

“You know, it’s happened to my family, where they have a jar of olives and they forget, oh my gosh, there is liquid in it.  And you have to drain it before you go through the checkpoint.”

And if you’re traveling with gifts in your carry-on, Bulter says it’s a good idea to keep the gifts unwrapped until you get to your destination.  She says if you have a wrapped gift, TSA agents may ask you to unwrap it if they can’t see what’s inside.  For more holiday travel tips, visit Fly 2 Houston.


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