Port Boss Cleared Of Any Wrongdoing

An investigation by the Harris County District Attorney's office has cleared Alec Dreyer, the CEO of the Port of Houston, over allegations he had misused a boat owned by the port, and then altered records to hide the event.

Dreyer was accused of holding a party on the Marine Vessel Sam Houston in April of 2009, and then changing government documents to cover it up. Harris County DA Pat Lykos says Dryer has been exonerated.

“Our Public Integrity Unit performed an investigation and the attorney for the individual requested a letter, which is not unusual, and so, our division chief laid everything out.”

Steven Mitby, attorney for Dreyer issued a release on the finding by the DA’s office. He says many times, when people are falsely accused of doing something wrong, they want to get their reputation back, which is what happened with his client:

“From the very beginning, we made it clear to the District Attorney that we wanted not just a finding of no prosecution, but an actual statement declaring that Alec Dreyer had played by the rules, done everything right, and not engaged in any type of misconduct, and that’s what we achieved.”

He adds that the investigation concluded that the trip Dreyer hosted had been approved and paid for in accordance with port policies.

“He will leave with his head held high when his contract expires, knowing that he left with the same unblemished record of integrity that he came in with. But its a loss to the citizens of Harris County, because the political process unfortunately has driven a good man, who has many other opportunities, to go back to the private sector.”

Mitby says Dreyer, who has been CEO since September 2009, will not seek reappointment, but will continue to serve until a replacement is found.