Chicago Investor Modernizes Super Park Garage At Hobby Airport

A Chicago investor says he's turned around one of Houston's most desirable airport parking garages, a facility that had fallen into disrepair over the years.

John Hammerschlag bought the three-level, off-site parking garage across the street from Hobby Airport from the bank in 2010.

“I came down to Houston, and I saw the garage, and I saw the location and I saw how poorly it was run. I figured there were probably some good possibilities to making it a profitable asset.”
Almost $1 million of renovations later, the Super Park facility along Airport Boulevard is Hobby’s only off-site parking garage. Hammerschlag hired local vendors to do the repair work. He also added 155 new parking spaces and a completely automated payment system.

“What our system does is allows, I think really expedites the travel time for our customers, both getting in and getting out.”

He says a covered third level and a solid infrastructure made the garage attractive, but it was something much more simple that made it a good investment.

“It is absolutely the best location in terms of Hobby. We can deliver you to the front door or pick you up and take you back to the garage quicker than if you parked at I would say 85-percent of the parking stalls on the Hobby campus.”

The garage is now run by Ampco Parking.