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Bauer Business Focus: Sherron Watkins

Sherron Watkins was the star witness against Enron's leadership in congressional hearings investigating company's collapse. The former Enron vice president had warned CEO Ken Lay the company was in danger of imploding in a wave of accounting scandals, only to be ignored. Watkins joins Andrew Schneider as this week's guest on the Bauer Business Focus, wrapping up our coverage of the tenth anniversary of Enron’s collapse.

Sherron Watkins now lectures on corporate ethics around the globe, teaching others how to spot or prevent future Enrons.

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Sherron Watkins



Andrew Schneider

Andrew Schneider

Politics and Government Reporter

Andrew heads Houston Public Media’s coverage of national, state, and local elections. He also reports on major policy issues before the Texas delegations in the U.S. House and Senate, as well as the Texas governorship, the state legislature, and county and city governments. Before taking up his current post, Andrew...

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