Houston Shoppers Flock To Stores

Black Friday, known by retail experts as the busiest shopping day of the year, in Houston it was no exception.  Houston shopping centers were packed this year.

“La-la-la-lah, la-la-la-lah Elmo’s world…”

It’s hard to miss the talking Elmo placed at the entrance to this Sugar Land Walmart. But as popular as Elmo is, shopper Astria Theus says it was the electronic section that was the most crowded early this morning.

“Well, it was crazy. It was packed everywhere. People were in the electronic section and people fighting over pajamas. I was looking for pajamas for my kids but I had to just drop them because the line was all the way back there. They didn’t have enough registers open.”

Up the freeway at 59 and Beechnut, the  Best Buy was so crowded people were parking in the Conns parking lot across the street and walking to the store. One woman who said her name was Stacey described it this way:

“This ain’t Christmas, this is Chaos. Yeah, I knew, but you do it for your kids and out of love, so you wait through the lines and you suffer through and it’s just what it is, there’s nothing fun about it.”

This year, retailers are expecting holiday sales to rise by 2.8 percent to $465.6 billion.

Shopper Patrick Glenn wanted to buy something, but walked out the store empty-handed.

“Yeah, it’s a mess in there and plus, you can’t find anything. And when you do figure out what it is you want, they don’t have it. But it’s OK. It’s no big deal. We’re going to go look somewhere else now.”

Johnetta Phillips and her husband  were part of the big crowd in the television section.

“What are you guys out here looking for today?”

“46” TV’s.”

“Just anyone or is there a particular one that’s on sale?”

“We’re just now looking. We haven’t really been doing our homework.”

Trey Brown found himself at Best Buy after originally looking at TV’s at Walmart. But he says things didn’t go well there.

“One of the sales associates she kind of misled us. She told us to line up in a certain line and while she did that, they were passing out vouchers and we never got a voucher, so we missed out on a deal.”

Brown eventually got the TV he was looking for at Best Buy, but making it out of the parking lot would be another difficult task.