Changes At Hobby Not Hampering Thanksgiving Travel

The Houston Airport System says it's been a pretty smooth day, so far, for people flying out of and into Hobby and Bush Intercontinental. Officials say passenger totals for the overall holiday season are expected to be about the same as last year's. There is something travelers using Hobby need to keep in mind — as they come and go from that airport.

The usual drop-off for departing passengers at Hobby is off limits.  The airport system’s Roxanne Butler says crews are in the middle of giving that area complete overhaul.

“And so we do have the traffic flow adjusted a little bit.  But you can still get in, and everyone can still get on their flight.  There are no long lines, and everything is going very well.”

People who haven’t dealt with Hobby since construction began might be a bit confused by the changes, but Butler says the signs make it pretty clear where to go.  There are no changes to the route people take to pick up arriving passengers.  However, Butler strongly urges those who are fetching people at Hobby to take advantage of the cell phone waiting lot off Airport Blvd.

“A lot of people used to want to come into the terminal and hang out until their person comes.  It’s probably, this season, best to wait in the parking lot, and when they call and say ‘I’m here in baggage claim’, then drive up.”

Butler says people who are dealing with Bush Intercontinental shouldn’t notice any significant changes to the process of getting to or from the airport this holiday season.


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