AAA Texas Predicts 3.1 Million Texans In Thanksgiving Travel

AAA Texas is predicting a five percent increase in total Thanksgiving travel compared to last year, in spite of higher gasoline costs.

AAA Texas is forecasting an increase in the number of travelers this Thanksgiving due mostly to pent-up demand from those Texans who chose not to travel during the spring and summer seasons. Sarah Schimmer is with AAA Texas.

“3.3 million total Texans will travel at least 50 miles or more away from home for this Thanksgiving holiday through Sunday. And three million Texans will be hitting the road, 216,000 will choose to fly and the remaining 62,000 will go bus, train or cruise ship.”

We’re paying more for gasoline compared to this time last year, but prices have been dropping recently.

“Gas prices, compared to last week, dropped about a nickel. The statewide average is at $3.17, but last year we were looking at $3.69 so we’re actually paying almost 50 cents more per gallon than we were this time last year. But we’ve actually dropped a good 67 cents since May. Market analysts tend to think that gas prices may stay in this range until the end of this year.”

The average distance traveled by Texans during the holiday is expected to be 959 miles, round-trip.


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