Lone Star Veterans Association Hails Passage of Jobs Bill

This week President Obama is expected to sign a bill extending tax credits to employers who hire veterans. Andrew Schneider looks at how the bill would benefit Houston's veteran community.

troops In addition to the tax credits for employers, the bill includes an extra year’s worth of GI Bill benefits for a 100,000 unemployed veterans to help them retrain for civilian jobs. It also extends an extra year of vocational rehabilitation for disabled vets who’ve exhausted their unemployment benefits.

Kevin Barber is CEO of Veteran Energy and a member of the board of directors of the Lone Star Veterans Association,  both based in Houston.

“Congress is sending a message, and the president’s sending a message, that, you know, our nation definitely honors the service and the sacrifice that our veterans made, and we want to make sure that their transition back into civilian life is as easy and successful as it should be.”

The Lone Star Veterans Association estimates the unemployment rate for veterans in Harris County at about 13%. For post-9/11 veterans, it’s as high as 22%. The overall unemployment rate in Harris County is 8.6%.


Andrew Schneider

Andrew Schneider

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