Helping Women Entrepreneurs

The 12th Annual Texas Conference for Women starts tomorrow at the George R. Brown Convention Center. To help female business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs, today organizers held a business boot camp.

“I made all his cloth diapers, did crib sheets and my friends started seeing…”

 A large room of women listen to Vanessa Wilson, a woman who makes money videotaping herself making various crafts and then putting those videos on You Tube.

One of those women taking it all in is Houston resident Angie Wilson.

“I’ve been home with my son now for two years, so I’m ready to get back into working and kind of doing something for myself.”

The daylong seminar is called business boot camp. Tory Johnson who can be seen regularly on Good Morning America is the host.

“All of our advice today is around the things that it takes to make more money, to have a more profitable business, to kind of cross that bridge from dabbling in a passion to having a profitable operation. And it really comes down to the hustle. The decisions you make and the actions you take each and every day.”

“How do I make money doing that?…”

Beth Goldberg drove from Austin to attend the boot camp and the Texas Conference for Women. She has her own business as a life coach, but is looking for ways to improve.

“I know I don’t know everything. I hardly know everything so being able to get more information for my business to grow, and for me to be able to give to my clients. The more I learn, the more I can give to them and be prosperous.”

Business Boot Camp This is the 12th year Houston has held the Women’s Conference, but the first year there’s been a Business Boot Camp. Conference director Laurie Dalton White says the attendees are all there for different reasons.

“Women a lot of times, they’ve opted out of the workforce taking care of kids, but their kids are now aging and going to school, and so they think I’ve got some time, and ‘I’ve got an idea. I’d like to start a business.’ Or then there are those that are small business owners trying to figure out how to grow that business.”

And just how much help will the women get from this business seminar? Beth Goldberg put it this way:

“When women can connect together in a positive way, the sky’s the limit.”