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Last Chance For North Forest ISD

North Forest ISD officials have one final chance to appeal the school district's closure. The deadline to request a final review is next week.

The North Forest Independent School District is on notice that it will be shut down after the school year ends.

North Forest lost its previous appeals for its academic accountability and financial ratings to be overturned or changed.

Texas Education Agency Spokeswoman Suzanne Marchman says there is one final appeal process still available to the district.

“Basically it’s an opportunity for district officials — superintendent and some of their designees could be a school board member, could be their business manager — to come to the agency and present any information or data that we might not be aware of or something that could potentially change the decision.”

The deadline for North Forest to request that review is next Tuesday. The review would take place in January, with a final decision from the TEA coming four to six weeks later. Marchman says the decision to close the district wasn’t made lightly.

“For the high school, they’ve had their sixth consecutive year of academically unacceptable performance. And the district as a whole has had its third year of unacceptable performance. They also have financial troubles. So with the academic issues and the financial nature of their problems, the commissioner felt that these students need to be given a fair shake at a good education.”

TEA Commissioner Robert Scott has ordered the closure of the district and authorized the Houston Independent School District to absorb North Forest’s students. Officials at North Forest have not yet requested a record review from the TEA, but say they will continue to fight the closure.


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