Houston Honors Vets at Downtown Parade

The city of Houston paid tribute to its veterans today with a ceremony at City Hall followed by a parade down Smith Street.

Sounds of high school marching bands filled the air of downtown this morning. Some Houston vets were in the parade, riding on floats, others stood on sidewalks wearing their military hats, shirts or jackets.  Don Eschberger was in the Navy back in the early 60’s. I asked him what the parade and this day means to him.

Brings back memories from the time I was in the service and it’s very meaningful to anybody that serves their country.

Bill: “Good memories or bad memories?”

“Mostly good, mostly good.”

Adam Almquist was also in the Navy. He brought his small son with him to the parade.

“It makes you proud. It makes you think, like you watch the news and stuff like that it makes you think America is kind of crappy right now, but then when you see stuff like this, it makes you kind of reaffirm that things aren’t that bad. I mean I’m sure it is for some people, but it’s still America it’s still the greatest country in the world.”

The Grand Marshal was Major General Jimmie Jaye Wells, the commanding general of the 75th Mission Command Training Division.

Nora Ryan was one of the thousands who lined the streets waiving the American flag. She said her thoughts are about her dad who served in World War II.

“I just think about him and his service and everyone else, you know, these vets, these guys that just went buy in the wheelchair, awesome.”

People of all ages, races and backgrounds saying thank you to America’s veterans.