Dynamo Gaining Ground Off The Field

Despite their success on the field, the Houston Dynamo soccer team continues to fly under the radar, not getting the publicity garnered by the Texans, Astros, or Rockets. Today the team broke ground on a new locker room and weight training facility. The team says will be among the best in the league.

Take a drive down Dowling Street near downtown Houston and you’ll see and hear the construction of the new Dynamo soccer stadium. The 22,000 seat stadium is due to open next may at the start of the 2012 season.

Across town near Highway 288 a different sound.

Mayor Annise Parker
Mayor Annise Parker

“Alright we are going to count…”

That’s Mayor Annise Parker and Dynamo team officials breaking ground on the team’s new locker and weight training room at their practice facility. This is Mayor Parker:

“This facility is going to be one more in the pantheon of great sports facilities here in the city of Houston.”

In a town were football is king and the Texans are just hoping to make it to the playoffs, the Dynamo are playing in the Major League Soccer Cup next Sunday, their version of the Super Bowl.

But team president Chris Canetti says the team is still putting the pieces together off the field to put together a real championship organization.

“Just a few weeks ago our team was conducting practice over at the University of Houston, because we had a travel issue and couldn’t get down here and the marching band came out and started practicing right next to us. So imagine being coach Kinnear trying to talk to your player and you trumpets and tubas and everything else fifty yards away. The next week we had to do it for the same reason and there’s a guy on the field throwing the javelin, so they were ducking the javelin.” 

President of Business Operations Chris Canetti
President of Business Operations
Chris Canetti

The team is already getting a new stadium and with new locker rooms at the practice facility Canetti says the Dynamo’s facility will be among the best in the nation.

“I don’t believe there is another soccer team in the U.S. that has a comparable facility. When you put it all together, when you look at all the fields that we’ll have, when you look at the locker room we’ll have, when you look at the weight training facility we’ll have and then the medical facility — our players have it all in one spot.”

The Dynamo will play the LA Galaxy a week from Sunday to decide the championship of major league soccer. The Galaxy is the team of soccer icon David Beckham.  It’s hard to imagine Beckham practicing on the same fields as marching bands or track teams, but the Dynamo organization says things are slowly getting better — on and off the field.