HISD Restores Two Schools To Acceptable Rating

Two Houston schools are back on the state's list of academically acceptable campuses. But overall the Houston Independent School District has more schools on the academically unacceptable list than last year because of changes to the state's rating system.

Ryan Middle School and Wilson Montessori had been rated by the Texas Education Agency as academically unacceptable. But after an appeal by HISD the TEA has now restored their acceptable rating.

HISD Spokesman Jason Spencer says Ryan Middle School has significantly improved.

“Ryan has been one of our schools where we’ve struggled to get all students at the state standard. That’s why it’s one of the nine Apollo 20 secondary schools. So we have put extra resources into Ryan and those resources look like they’re starting to pay off.”

In HISD, 92 percent of schools are rated acceptable or higher. Spencer says 23 schools, the remaining eight percent, are unacceptable — a higher number than last year.

“Texas, last year, used what they called the Texas Projection Measure. And using that projection measure, which in a nutshell gave schools credit if they seemed to be on their way to meeting standards, they would go ahead and bump them up a rating level. So the increase in the number of unacceptable schools in HISD, and across the state we saw the same phenomenon, is largely a result of the state doing away with the Texas Projection Measure.”

Although more schools in the district are now on the unacceptable list, Spencer says the new rating system more accurately reflects school performance instead of inflating or rounding up a school’s numbers.

For more information, visit the HISD 2011 accountability data table at TEA Website.