HFD Talks Fire Safety

As the weather cools down, fire dangers still remain. People start to use heaters, a common source of house fires. The Houston Fire Department reaches out to the comminuty in an effort to keep everyone safe this winter.

HFD says the key to saving lives comes from two words: smoke detector.

That little round thing can be annoying when it goes off at the wrong time, but HPD Chief Terry Garrison says it keeps people alive.

“First of all we lose most of our citizens in residential fires. We know that smoke detectors save lives, because they give our citizens an extra few seconds to get out of those fires. We also know that it’s the smoke and the gases that kills people within these fires. So smoke detectors are vital to our citizens.”

Fire fighters say some people take the batteries out of the detectors, because they get frustrated with the constant beeping at the wrong time, for instance while cooking. If that’s the case, HFD’s Ronald Harrison says the smoke detector is in the wrong place.

“We recommend never put a smoke detector in the kitchen. It should always be near sleeping quarters. The purpose of it is really to alert you when you’re not aware, and typically the time we’re not aware is when you’re sleeping.”

With winter approaching Harrison says you also need a device that detects gas.

“This time of year, we kick on our heaters, we kick on the gas and carbon monoxide is a byproduct of gas of a fire that’s not burning completely. A carbon monoxide detector lets you know that there’s carbon monoxide in the room.”

Each year HFD installs thousands of smoke detectors in homes that need them. To help with the program Centerpoint Energy has donated $20,000 to buy more detectors and help keep Houstonians safe.