Houston Builders Explore Green Neighborhood Design

Over a hundred developers, planners, architects, and engineers converged on CityCentre in west Houston. They came to talk about the latest trend in sustainable building: designing entire green neighborhoods.

green houseThe seminar focused on a new certification for green neighborhood design known as LEED Neighborhood Development. Doug Farr chairs the LEED Neighborhood Development Core Committee. He cited British real estate firm Hines, whose U.S. headquarters is in the Galleria, as an example of how the standard can benefit Houston.

“Houston’s a great place to do this. It’s a developer powerhouse. Hines’ interest is here. They make money doing certified green buildings around the country. Buildings rent out faster, have lower operating costs, better customer-tenant loyalty, and they all translate to the bottom line. So, you know, if green buildings make business sense one building at a time, imagine the possibilities of developing an entire place that’s sustainable.”

The session explored four Texas case studies for green development, including three in Houston itself.


Andrew Schneider

Andrew Schneider

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