Medical Center Rail Service Suspended This Weekend

Metro's rail system will be shutting down operations in the Texas Medical Center this weekend because of work being done on the Texas Children's Hospital Bridge over Fannin.

MetroRail will shut down service on Fannin from 9pm Friday through 11 pm Sunday night.

This is Jerome Gray with Metro:

“We’ve had a series of weekend shutdowns that are tied to construction of the Texas Children’s Hospital bridge, that connects one building to another across Fannin. So, we will have shuttle buses serving in that area.”

He says the buses will be running north and south parallel to the rail line:

“Except, except in the Medical Center area, patrons who normally board from the Memorial Hermann Hospital, the Houston Zoo or Dryden TMC station platforms, will find the shuttle buses on Main Street, for traveling north and southbound.”

Due to construction underway at University of Houston downtown, buses will not be accessible at that location.

Texans fans who normally use rail to attend the game at Reliant Stadium won’t have to worry since the team
will be in Nashville this weekend.

Gray expects more service interruptions to occur before the bridge that accesses the main Texas Children’s Hospital to the new maternity wing is completed.

“If you’re traveling this weekend and you’re planning to use the rail, make sure you double check the schedule. We don’t want folks to hop on the train, get to a location, particularly on a Friday night, and then leave their location expecting the train. Just know that there’ll be a bus that will provide service instead.”