Murder Suspect May Be A Serial Killer

Investigators from the Harris County Sheriff's Office say new DNA evidence links security guard Steven A. Hobbs to the murders of two prostitutes killed eight years apart. Detectives are now going back through unsolved cases of missing women to see if they can connect Hobbs to their disappearances as well.

Harris County investigators say DNA found at a murder scene last year, matched DNA found at another murder eight years ago. But they didn’t know who the DNA belonged to. That is until the body of another woman was found in Pasadena this summer.

All of the women were believed to be prostitutes.  

HCSO Homicide Lt. Rolf Nelson says the Pasadena woman was last seen with a security guard.

“One of our investigators, when he heard about the Pasadena recovery of Wanda Trambley, he went out to the area. He noticed a business close by and he thought there were probably security guards that work there, so he went to the business, started talking, found out there were security guards there.”

Investigators took DNA samples of all security guards at the business, and just last week the results came back with a positive match for forty-year-old Steven Hobbs.

Hobbs faces charges in Pasadena as well as two murders and a kidnapping case by Harris County. This is Sheriff Adrian Garcia:

“This guy had been thinking that no one was going to catch him and the Sheriff’s Office Cold Case squad was able to make sure to bring the pieces together.”

The Harris County Cold Case unti is now combing through old files of missing women to see what other cases Hobbs may be linked to.