Animal Killings In Aldine Leave Investigators, Family Puzzled

A beloved horse and two dogs are dead at a Northeast Houston home and their owners and the police want to know why. Authorities and the family have no idea why someone would kill the animals.

Over a six-day period last week, Lucy Garcia’s two dogs and a horse were killed, one dog shot, the other likely poisoned and the horse stabbed to death.

“I could never believe somebody could do something to that big of a horse.”

The horse, a 14-year-old mare, was found dead in her stall on Saturday. The two dogs had been killed earlier in the week. A third dog was hit in the head, but survived. Garcia lives in a quiet neighborhood in the Aldine area and says the death of her daughter’s horse was the hardest to take.

“To see all her blood everywhere in her stall and to actually see her down after we had nursed her. She had been attacked by dogs a couple of months before that and we had nursed her back to health. We put her back in her stall
not probably a week before that and then to see her dead, to see somebody kill her, that was very overwhelming

family horse and dog
“Angel” and her 10-yr-old owner (family photo) and “P.J.” the dog (family photo)

Garcia says her family has had no disputes with anyone and she has no idea why someone would kill her animals.  HPD Sgt. Virginia Brasher is with the department’s Major Offender’s Unit.

“We’re asking for anybody’s help if they know anything about who has killed all these animals, because it’s the two dogs and the horse. And also, when they did the horse, they had a small chick on the other side of the yard in a small
cage and someone took the top off that and they hurt the chick bad enough that we had to have it put down. We don’t know why they’re targeting the family. The family doesn’t understand or they don’t of anybody who would be targeting them this way.”

Brasher says authorities have very little to go on and aren’t sure if the animals were killed by one person or more.