Kirk Returns To Home Turf To Stump For President’s Jobs Bill

U.S. Trade Representative and former Dallas Mayor Ron Kirk is in Texas today to promote President Obama’s jobs bill.

Official portrait of United States Trade Representative Ambassador Ron Kirk

Official portrait of United States Trade Representative Ambassador Ron Kirk. Image obtained from USTR OPA.

Ambassador Kirk will deliver this morning’s keynote speech at the Texas Economic Development Council’s 50th annual conference in Fort Worth. Kirk says that while Texas can take great pride in its economy, it has suffered badly in the wake of deep budget cuts. He says it’s no more in the state’s interest to have large numbers of employees thrown out of work from public sector jobs than from private sector jobs.

“One element of the president’s job act would help put almost 39,000 public employees in Texas back to work — everything from schoolteachers getting back into the classroom, to police and firemen and first responders, and construction workers helping to rebuild our badly needed infrastructure.”

Later, Kirk will head to the State Fair in Dallas to talk about how Texas manufacturers and farmers can benefit from the free trade agreements with Colombia, Korea and Panama. President Obama sent the three FTAs to Congress for ratification earlier this week.

Kirk will meet in Washington next week with a delegation from the Greater Houston Partnership, hoping to enlist their support for the president’s jobs bill.


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